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Improving your child's engagement in everyday activities with ease and satisfaction

Accepting new clients for Holistic Pediatric Occupational Therapy services for immediate openings. Services are provided at a location of your convenience,  at your home, daycare centers, or at local parks. 

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No more being placed on a waitlist to receive services for your child. 

No more driving and waiting in the visitor room while your child is in the clinic receiving services.

No more meltdowns, crying, and heartaches from your child as they have to change their routine and adjust to a new therapist in a new environment. 

But YES to feeling relaxed and comfortable as services come to YOU. I work with your schedule, on your time, in your home, local park, preschool, or at a location of your convenience. 

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What is Holistic Occupational Therapy? 

Occupational Therapy in and of itself is a holistic and client-centered profession. However, a holistic Occupational Therapist looks at an individual as a spiritual, physical, and emotional being, where each piece interlinks and plays a role on each other. A holistic Occupational Therapist does not leave parts or pieces of the individual out. Therefore, we consider many factors when creating a blueprint of your child's current skill level, their strenghts, joys in life, struggles and challenges. We also include goals and clinical observations. This blueprint is essentially an assessment report that covers many factors about your child, from family history, how they play & engage with peers, handle challenges, and what they find meaningful to them. We also inquire caregivers about what family traditions they may follow, religious or spiritual background, morals, values, and any other factors they find of importance. 

Our approach is holistic in nature in that we provide healing by using modalities that are playful for your child. Modalities we may use include essential oils, singing bowls, tuning forks, and other instruments. 

Children who receive Occupational Therapy struggle to: 

How Worldwide Changes are Impacting Your Child 

Recently, more than ever before, there has been a drastic cultural change occurring globally. This has become a barrier to children's development. Children are expected to mature faster, sit for longer periods of time, understand and follow social rules and expectations, and complete written work, all before the age of 5! 

 Many children are truly struggling to fulfill these unmeetable demands and many parents are struggling to cope as they see their children having increased meltdowns, shutdowns, and crying fits. 

We at Sunny Blossom Therapy hear and understand your struggle!  We are here to help your child succeed in life, and help you, the parent, be successful in your role as a parent. 

Individual Therapy Sessions are offered either in Your Home, School or Park. Click Here to Learn More

Parent and Educator Workshops are also offered. Click Here to Learn More

Meet Your Holistic Occupational Therapy Specialist 

Katherine Solimine 

I am a certified Pediatric Occupational Therapist and have over 7 years of experience working with hundreds of children from all developmental backgrounds including Autism, ADHD, Down Syndrome, and neuro-typical children with various behavioral challenges. 

 Each of my therapy sessions is enriched with a holistic sensory play-based approach in order to help every child meet their milestones, build confidence, and gain social-emotional awareness. My therapeutic approach is organic, fun, and individualized. 

I have served the role of an Occupational Therapy Specialist for 

Serve Children of all Ages 

Have A Flexible Schedule 

Provide Individualized Services 

Accepting new clients for Occupational Therapy services for immediate openings.

San Diego, California 

Ever wonder what an Occupational Therapist session would look like, in your own home, for your child? 

This video covers a session held by our Occupational Therapist Specialist at Sunny Blossom Therapy. This is a 60-minute session condensed into an 8-minute video clip. The Occupational Therapist starts off by working on building the child's hand muscles by having him clip-on clothespins, and later push and pull golf tees in/out of clay and a foam block. Ultimately, by strengthening the child's hand, he will be able to write and type for longer periods of time as demands for this skill in his classroom increase. The child is also working on improving his management of time, and attention & focus on tasks. When told he is working under a timer, the child is much more willing to initiate and engage in his work. He is also given the opportunity to work on the carpet where he can freely move his body around prior to doing seated work at the table, where he is required to remain calm and still in one spot. Praising the child builds his motivation to participate and having the opportunity to self-reflect with the use of rewards and stickers builds his internal motivation and desire to participate in adult-directed tasks. Coping skills and strategies are embedded in this lesson, as the child learns coping skills that are written on a card found behind the tissue paper. Notice how lessons are not solely taught just by talking to the child but are learned through play and games. Making this session fun and engaging! 

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Improving your child's engagement in everyday activities with ease and satisfaction