About Us

Company Mission 

Working with kids is not only our passion but it is also the fuel that gets us up and going every morning. The staff at Sunny Blossom Therapy are committed to providing the best therapeutic care using a client-centered approach.

Our mission is to empower caregivers and educators, and enhance the lives of children so they can reach their fullest potential in life. Our methods are fun, creative, and holistic. 

Company Vision

To enhance the lives of children so they can participate in all areas of life with ease and satisfaction and to empower and educate caregivers

Company Values

It is so important that our clients (the child), the parents, and caregivers feel joy and comfort while working with us.

Learning family structures, rituals, and routines are critical components because they drive the way we approach, set up, and conduct therapy sessions.

We highly value all family traditions and lifestyles. Each client has a unique family structure and we respect and honor all of them during our sessions. Because of this, our clients are much more productive and enthusiastic to engage in their therapy sessions.  

Connect With Us

Phone: (619)858-4138