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Creating Self-Regulated, Calm, and Attentive Children in our Classrooms 

Two-hour lecture condensed  

Therapists at Sunny Blossom Therapy are experts in handwriting. We teach educators how to detect early signs of poor fine motor and gross motor skill development in children. Learn what age-appropriate writing grasps should look like for your students and the various writing tools that can be implemented to correct grasps and support with developing age-appropriate grasps. A writing tool may include a pencil grip. Having a poor grasp on implements can lead to hand fatigue and a lack of interest in drawing and writing.


Having just a handful of children who are unfocused and inattentive can be disruptive to all the other children in the classroom who are trying to learn during circle time and whole classroom activities. Our Occupational Therapy experts can provide teachers with simple strategies on how to manage children who lack attention and listening skills. Some strategies include using adaptive tools such as weighted lap pads, incorporating visuals during instruction time, chunking workload into smaller parts, incorporating movement in lesson plans, and creating re-focusing corners in the classroom. These supports can also be carried over to the home setting to make it more effective for the child!  

Educational Workshop and Hands-on Training $400 per hour


We provide training to caregivers and educators all across San Diego, California. Workshops are conducted live or virtually. They include a PowerPoint lecture, interactive virtual quizzes, team-building exercises, and a display of tools and equipment to enhance the learning process.  


During in-house training, the material is reinforced by using a hands-on approach where attendees join the stage to role-play scenarios and be used as props to reinforce the learning process.   

Classroom material training $200 per hour on site


Sensory toys, alerting tools, and calming materials are provided to teachers and childcare providers. Many materials are versatile and can be used across multiple settings including homes, classrooms, and in parks. Training is provided on how to utilize these tools. These materials augment a teacher’s classroom as it increases every child’s engagement and participation.  

Direct Child Services $200 per hour on site


@ KidWings Nature School 

Group and individualized Occupational Therapy services are provided to children from several months to twenty-one years old. These services work on children’s fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and self-regulation skills.

Educational Workshop #1

How Our Senses Drive Behavior for Children in a Childcare Setting

Participants will learn about the Eight Senses: 









Differentiate between children who are sensation seekers and children who are sensation avoiders

Common behaviors children with sensory challenges display. 

Excerpts from the Workshop

Learn effective strategies and tools that can implement in the classroom to support children with sensory challenges


Educational Workshop #2

The #1 Cause for Poor Behavior and Strategies to Help Children Become Regulated 

Participants will learn how

Topics will dive into 

Brain development 

Understanding “why” self-regulation skills may be stunted and underdeveloped in the first place 

Five basic steps to teaching self-regulation skills 

Effective strategies and tools to be implemented in your classrooms.   

Excerpts from the Workshop



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